About Us

We are a member-directed organization and we have been filed as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation since August of 2014.  For more detail about the officers of our board and our board members, select one of the links in the left sidebar of this page.  For more detail about our operations you may view our bylaws by selecting the appropriate link in the footer.

A member-directed organization is managed democratically from the bottom-up in order to maximize equality of opportunity for all members. In a member-directed nonprofit there is no job too menial or too important for a member to tackle. Leaders of projects and committees are assigned according the guidelines as stated in our bylaws.  

Our mission is simple:  to increase the number of urban gardens in our community.


We are doing this by 1) first of all installing urban gardens on our own homesteads, 2) by installing urban gardens in the homes of Garland residents who request one through our "Another Urban Garden" program and 3) by providing various examples of urban gardens at the Garland Community Garden.  Currently we have twelve projects schedules for 2015 and more to come.

Research demonstrates the economy of communities is positively influenced by improved food access. Nearly 30 million Americans lack access to healthy, affordable food.  A lot of things contribute to poor nutrition and obesity but access is a key issue.  The best access to healthy food that one can have is their own yard or patio.