This portion of the website features information and projects related to promoting sustainable living in our community.  All of these projects will  be connected to growing local food; however the scope of the Sustainable Living projects also encompasses additional aspects of sustainable living such as sustainable housing and energy and other efficient and improved use of resources.  Of course, at the heart of all these projects are the permaculture design guidelines.

The Garland Community Garden and the Loving Garland Green website are go-to places for learning more about sustainable living in its relation to our community and growing local food.  

We invite you to select and review the information found on the links in the sidebar to this page.  If what you read interests you, please call us at 972-571-4497 and volunteer to serve on a related committee.  We need you to help us grow our community.

Rainwater Harvesting - the Positive Approach to Solving Water Shortage Problems

Given the average annual rainfall of 38 inches in Garland, Texas, we do not have a rainfall problem.  We have a storage problem.  One of the most efficient gathering systems are pitched roofs.  For example, a 1,200 square foot roof will yield 26,000 gallons of rainwater per year.  This, combined with rainfall on the land, is enough to sustain a garden large enough to grow vegetables and fruit to supply the annual needs of a family of four.

We do not have to resort to desertscapes for Garland.  Rainwater harvesting is a better solution.  Loving Garland Green is currently conducting preliminary research into various methods available for collecting rainwater.  We plan to have at least one system set up at the Garland Community Garden by early spring of 2015.


Soil Quality is the other determining factor for a successful garden.