Bee on Okra Bloom in a Garland Urban Garden

Economics of a Local Plant-Based Economy - a job creating machine


Our main job at Loving Garland Green is to get people excited about growing their own urban garden and to encourage them to join us in learning together how to do it more and better. When people grow edible plants, they help to strengthen and build the local economy; increase the overall health and quality of life for their community; and create jobs.

People growing gardens create all kinds of market needs:  for seeds; garden tools; soil; training; water conservation devices (such as rain barrels, gutters, reservoirs, ollas); garden containers; and more.

Even more directly, a focus on edibles such as vegetables and fruits can directly result in the establishment of small local businesses to meet the market demands of the local urban farmers. One example of such a business might be the creation of greenhouses out of recycled windows.  Another example might be the creation of a pottery factory that manufactures Ollas.  Still another example might be a local seed company.

Other more imaginative businesses might include such services as "The Plant Whisperer" who comes to your garden for a fee and talks your plants into growing bigger; or "The Garden Sitter" who takes care of your urban garden when you go on vacation.