Build a Greenhouse from Recycled Windows

It may take a while to collect all the windows you need, depending on the size and availability of windows with wooden frames in your area,  but with a little determination, it can be done. And, you don't have to use old windows.  Many people make lovely greenhouses from a combination of old recycled windows and french doors as you can see from the photos .


Greenhouses from recycled windows and doors come in all shapes and sizes.  DIY builders are only limited by their imaginations and the materials they select.  

One main requirement:  The windows and doors should be wooden so you can easily attach them to each other.



First search on the Internet to see what others have done.  After looking at a few of the sites you will get the big picture of the process. Then decide the size (length and height of sides)  and placement for your greenhouse.   (Typical cost seems to be about $300, and working  on weekends, about two months to complete.  Of course this can vary greatly from one DIY builder to the next.)


Start gathering those windows and doors. Alex Campbell offers this advice:

- Drive around on the night before the garbage is picked up.

- Email your friends and co-workers.  Many people have them laying around and are more than happy to be rid of them!

-Contact some renovation contractors or replacement window specialists.   

-If you strike out with the above, or you just don't want to wait, your local junk dealers usually have 100's!


Be part of the solution for improving your local economy!  Build your own American Dream.

Start a new company  to boost your own and your local economy!  Begin in your garage if necessary (many great American companies began that way), or better yet--a friend's garage. 

You might name your company:  Window Wonders.  Your products will be anything you can imagine to build out of old windows and doors.  For more inspiration, visit dishfunctionaldesigns.